Travis Bennett

Immersive Web Technologist   |   AR + VR Experience Designer   |   Experimental Technical Artist

Travis Bennett is an experienced technology researcher, immersive web content creator,
technical artist, XR (virtual and augmented reality) experience designer, event organizer and producer, performance artist, speaker / presenter, motion capture enthusiast, brain computer interface enthusiast, 3d sensor / computer vision enthusiast, machine learning enthusiast, blockchain enthusiast, etc, etc, etc.

His recent (5 years) efforts include (but are not limited to)

  • Researching, designing, and developing cutting edge 3d Data Visualization software with Kineviz. Including real-time big data tools, immersive virtual reality experiences, engaging conference installations, and exploring many new methods of visualization and interactivity.
  • Creating, designing, and developing the open source project, OpenPerform and forging partnerships with artist communities and technology companies around the world.
  • Producing regular events with Kineviz and Kinetech Arts. Including 5 annual DanceHack events, 5 years of weekly Kinetech Arts Open Lab Meetup events, and 2 years of semi-annual Data XR Meetup events.
  • Performing, presenting, exhibiting, or speaking at dozens of events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Germany, and Shanghai